About Us

Odarid Pet Stain & Odour Remover came about in 1998 with the founder Craig Connelly with his beloved cat “Maria” who insisted on emptying her bladder in his house on the brand new carpet.

Craig bought many products from the vets and pet shops, but found nothing that worked long term, so before long had some real odour issues in the house. He realised that the imported products with supposed “enzymes” and “bacteria” available at vet and pet shops that claimed to work on urine were indeed absolutely useless. Even the instructions given to the user were obviously written by someone who did not have experience in an animal that was being persistent in urinating.

So Craig decided to do something about it and having worked the chemical industry previously and having a passion for excellence and odours he decided to experiment and learn how to remove odours from old cat urine in carpets and furniture.
Craig spent many long evenings experimenting with many different formulations, testing them on Maria’s “accidents” as she went along. After much sniffing, tweaking, testing and manipulating, the Odarid formulation was born in 1998 and was used daily in Craigs house. The new product was highly effective at eliminating all the components of urine and therefore the odour when Maria peed.

Gone were the days of coming home to cat pee smell. (Maria was moved to the laundry area also with a nice warm electric blanket so when she still insisted on peeing we knew where to treat.!!)

Craig then discovered that other people had similar problems with the same complaints about the products they had used so Craig offered the product to them for trial. The feedback received was so positive he decided to take a risk and leave his well paid job and set up Odarid.
Odarid has grown into a diverse company, handling every odour enquiry with skill and professionalism. We now manufacture a comprehensive product range, focusing on the pet, petcare, property care and hygiene markets.

Odarid offers comprehensive solutions to Cat and Dog Breeders, Cat and Dog Boarding facilities, local councils, property managers, carpet cleaners, animal control contractors, government agencies, many frustrated landlords, poultry farmers, pig farmers, tourist boat operators, car dealers, meat bi-product processors and of course pet owners to provide a solution for odour issues.
All our products carry our well known 100% satisfaction warranty, which means you can buy with confidence.

Odarid has developed a large client base in New Zealand, and fast! For good reason too-the product does what its meant to! Odarid is now sold in South Africa and has just landed in Australia in June 2015.