Cleaner and Sanitiser – Non Fragranced – 20L


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Odarid Cleaner and Sanitiser is a specially formulated broad spectrum, fourth generation, dual chain sanitiser, that carries EPA registration 47371-131

1. Odarid Cleaner and Sanitiser kills animal viruses and bacteria* including human coronavirus

2. Odarid Sanitiser and Cleaner contains effective biodegradable surfactants that lift dirt and contaminants with ease, and leave minimal residues.

3. Odarid Sanitiser and Cleaner dilutes with water at 60-1. (this is the dilution rate that the product is tested at)

4. Odarid Sanitiser and Cleaner is suitable for hard surfaces such as floors and kennels, pets cages, bench tops, floors, litter trays, and most surfaces

5. Odarid Sanitiser and Cleaner can be used as an anti-bacterial spray also, in and around pet facilities.

* Diluted at 60-1 with water

The components used in the product are biodegradable. For example instead of using traditional surfactants (detergents) which are derived from petroleum oil (not biodegradable) we have

opted to use the LONZA FMB A08 which is an amine oxide and is fully biodegradable.

It is bought in from Europe for us and has some other benefits for our industry.

1. It is low foaming but has exceptional cleaning ability (known as soil lifting properties) Foaming traditional is a sign of cheap detergents

2. It leaves little or no residues unlike the oil based products

3. It is much safer for animals as there are no residues

4. It has a natural pleasant smell.

The other components i.e. the range of disinfectants are also fully biodegradable. They break down very quickly in the environment. They come from Europe where the regulations for these products are very strict.