Pet Stain and Odour Remover – Fragranced – 500ml



Odarid Pet Stain and Odour remover:

Odarid is NZ made and more effective and economical than imported products

Odarid is environmentally safe, non toxic and easy to use

Odarid works in just 30 seconds to destroy cat urine odour no matter how old

Odarid is used neat and designed to penetrate deep into carpet layers and totally destroy cat and dog pee instantly and permanently

Odarid uses the latest global technology in urine neutralising. Something the competition will not be able to catch up to for many years to come if at all!

Odarid is 100% biodegradable

Odarid can be used as  neat as spot stain treatment for blood, faeces, vomit stains and most organic odours and stains

Odarid can be used on all surfaces *Spot test first

Odarid can be used in  a wet vac machine to clean dirt from carpet. Always spot treat urine   contaminations first using the product neat then use at a dilution of 250 -1 in a carpet cleaner for removing dirt from carpet

Odarid used neat foams when it hits urine or faeces so makes it very easy to find the contamination without having to get down and sniff the area on your knees!

Odarid can be used on carpet, mattresses, grout, grass, furniture, clothing, hedges/garden, wood and even your favourite golf shoes!   

Our new formulation product destroys the uric acid in old urine and stops the odour permanently. We use this for our commercial cleaning in carpets and rental properties and it really works. We also use it on human and pet faeces, urine, fridges that have been turned off with meat in them, milk in vehicles and so on. On soft surfaces like couches, mattresses and carpet we recommend pouring the product directly on the area effected to ensure maximum penetration of the product. Odarid can also be put in the washing machine with items such as clothing that have been soiled. We use 1 cup in the wash after spraying the item.