Hi, I just want to tell you how impressed I am with the carpet products, I had some old yellow stains on the carpet which had been there for a long time (years !!!), I had used many different products on them and cleaned with a carpet cleaner several times, now and again one of my dogs would re-pee on it. Stains have pretty much gone now with your products - I never thought that I would be able to get rid of them, also the naughty dog hasn't yet re-peed on the area.

So thank you so much and I will definitely recommend to anyone who will listen to me.

I know a professional carpet cleaning person and he told me that I would not be able to get rid of the stains, well I will be telling him different !!
Just dropping you a line to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I received the Odarid on Friday, and used it "neat" on the old cat wee (each corner of the room in question). It started foaming immediately - a large area as you had mentioned the carpet cleaner had obviously spread the wee. I went in the next day to check and no smell!!!

I am so thrilled, and relieved that this product has worked so bloody fast, and does what it says it will do! A huge relief for me as I have a new tenant moving in soon and they house just reeked of cat wee.

Thanks 🙂
Tracey Exeter
I had a rather large red stain on the carpet in my daughters room where she had been sick going back 6 months. We tried anything and everything to get it out. the amazing stain remover LAST RESORT removed it within 30mins,it's completely gone like it was never there. I would recommend these products to everyone and most certainly will be spreading the word on just how great these products are.
Hi guys - thanks for sending me some of your odarid product recently - I have never found anything so fantastic! We have a granny dog with arthritis and a leakage problem and this product takes the smell out of the carpet no problem - over summer we were fine as we could leave windows and doors open but with the cooler weather approaching we had to shut everything and the smell was driving us out of the room - we have tried all sorts of products and home remedies and nothing was working. Odarid has allowed us to sleep with no urine smell in the air!!!
Carla Gini Te Awamutu
I had the misfortunate experience of forgetting about a bottle of milk I bought and it was left on the backseat of the car. Two weeks later I discovered my error when the smell of the now leaking bottle of SOUR MILK nearly knocked me over when I opened the door. I googled a solution and it wasn't looking positive (some suggestions involved selling the car!) and that was when I decided to give Odarid a go as I already had a bottle at home (5 cats) which had been extremely successful on pee odours. Looking up your website it was decided that there was nothing to lose and within minutes the smell had been hit and with a second application after three months I have had NO return of the smell. Fantastic! I can't recommend it enough, everyone should have a stash even if you don\'t have pets. I have just reordered a 5 litre container, I am never going to be without it. I also have the Last Resort carpet cleaner which has worked on terrible yellow stains I had from a puppy experience. As soon as the spray dried it was clear the yellowing had totally gone. I am now about to try it on a fish tank leak stain that made the carpet brown. Thanks Craig for your fabulous products, it has made my house a home again and I really appreciate it.
Vicki Frewn, Auckland